7 July 2020 @ 7 PM
Community Center
24900 Abalone Street
Westport, CA

Updated: 6-30-2020

The WMAC is made up of five directors and one alternate appointed by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors for three year alternating terms. You may contact any of the directors with input that falls within the WMAC mission and geographic area. The current directors are:

Bill Knapp, (707) 964-7355, bill at netwidget dot com (term expires 12-31-2022)
(Director), (term expires 12-31-2019)
Gary Quinton (Secretary), (707) 357-1040 or gquinton at mcn dot org (term expires 12-31-2019),
Robert Scott
(Vice Chairperson), (707) 964-7433, robtlscott at sbcglobal dot net (term expires 12-31-2021)
Thad Van Bueren
(Chairperson), (707) 964-7272, send email to WMAC (term expires 12-31-2021)
Sally Grigg (Alternate) (707) 964-6725, lostcoast at mcn dot org (term expires 12-31-2019)

Written comments can be mailed to the WMAC at:
Westport MAC
P.O. Box 307, Westport, CA 95488
or sent by email to the Chairperson at WMAC

The effectiveness of the council depends on community participation and the work of its volunteer Directors. If you are interested in serving on the Council, vacancies occur through resignations and term expirations. You can check with the Clerk of the County Board of Supervisors for current vacancies and submit an application when an opening exists. You must be registered to vote within the the WMAC's geographic area, able to attend regular monthly meetings, and willing to contribute to the effective operation of the WMAC by investing your time and energy. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors decide who will be appointed.